Language Institute

The Language Institute serves newcomer English Learners; in other words, English Learners with less than 12 months of U.S. schooling. The program provides an accelerated English Language Development program and access to core content classes.

At the Language Institute, the staff is committed to providing English Learners with the best possible instruction and learning environment. Our teachers are experienced, professionally trained instructors in teaching English as a second language, and they are dedicated to providing students with excellent classroom instruction.

The Language Institute is an accelerated English language development program integrated into a full comprehensive high school or junior high school program. The Language Institute is hosted at Roosevelt Junior High School, serving 7th and 8th grade, and Davis and Modesto High Schools, serving 9th -12th grade.

The Language Institute student enrollment represents over thirty countries and sixteen languages. While mastering reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English, Language Institute students also learn invaluable lessons from each other.

Maricela Mota
Director II English Learner Services
(209) 574-1590

Shaun Pelter
Principal, Roosevelt Junior High School
(209) 574-1930

Michael Shroyer
Principal, Davis High School
(209) 574-1668

Phuc Pham-Goulart
Principal, Modesto High School
(209) 574-1776