MCS Needs Your Feedback!

Dear Modesto City Schools Families,

 The month of January is a very important time for our school district because this is when you give us important feedback on your student’s overall experience at school, what works well for them, and what doesn’t. Your opinion is important! It helps us to understand how well we are serving your students, if changes are needed in the way we communicate with parents, and what services our schools should prioritize in the year to come. These are big decisions that can make a difference in the daily lives of Your students, and they are decisions that require the input of parents.

 Please take just a few minutes and complete the survey: Parent Feedback for Modesto City Schools

 The survey will ask for your impression of your student’s academic experience, your school’s approach to social and emotional well-being, resources and support available to students and parents, and much more. Even if you already communicate regularly with your student’s teachers or principal, the school district still needs your feedback on this annual survey.

 The information generated by this survey is meant to inform our school leadership and will be used only for the purpose of continuous improvement at our schools. Your personal information will not be shared with outside parties and personal information about you and your student will not be published.


Thank you for helping us serve our students and families!