Skooli Online Tutoring in Schoology

For All K-12 Students

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Skooli offers Unlimited on-demand tutoring with professional educators with 1:1 drop-in homework help and 24-hour assignment review!

Skooli Online Tutoring in Schoology

How to get to Skooli

  1. In the MCS App Portal click on Schoology App

  2. In Schoology, click on Courses at the top and select a course

  3. On the left side navigation click on Skooli Online Tutoring

About Skooli

  • Skooli is for all students K-12

  • Online Tutoring Available 24/7

  • Support for all classes and assignment reviews

  • Available All School Year

  • Multilingual support for tutors who speak English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Hmong, and Filipino


Skooli Getting Started Flyer (and in Spanish)

Skooli Poster (and in Spanish)

Skooli Guide Tutorial - Video and Handout