What is Schoology?

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Schoology is the official Learning Management System (LMS) for Modesto City Schools.

Schoology is an online course management system that allows teachers to create and manage academic courses for their students. It provides teachers with a method of managing lessons, engaging students and sharing content. Schoology provides a secure and safe, easy-to-use, way for teachers, students, parents, and administrators to seamlessly communicate and collaborate to enhance students’ learning and success.

How to Login

From the Schoology's website

Schoology login process

What's New!?

NEW Schoology Interface!

Schoology Getting a Makeover on July 1st!

July 1st Schoology is updating its image and with that comes some new icons and graphics. The top toolbar will get a modern update and icons in the course will have a new refreshed look. You will now be able to easily “Import from Resources” or “Find Resources” directly using your “Add Materials” button.

👇Updated Toolbar

New toolbar

👇Updated Icons

New icons graphic

👇Preview of Schoology Course with the New Schoology User Interface

New UI Course preview

Update Your Test/Quiz in Schoology before July 1st

Before July 1st Update Your Test/Quiz in Schoology

As it is shared above, this summer, Schoology is getting a makeover! One change we want to be ready for is the sunsetting of the Test/Quiz feature. Schoology has been hinting for years that this feature will be removed in favor of the Assessments tool. And, that time is finally upon us.

But, fear not! All of your existing content will stay, and you keep using it. You just won't be able to make new content. Check out this video for some tips on how to manage this change.

How to use Schoology

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This section will give you a quick overview of navigating Schoology.

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In this section, you will learn how to add content to your courses. This includes Assignments, Assessments, Test/Quiz, and Discussion Boards.


Learn everything there is about your Schoology gradebook, including how to setup the grade pass-back to PowerTeacher Pro!

Group around a table

Connect with people locally and worldwide in Schoology Groups! Learn how you can collaborate with your peers and share resources within Schoology.


Have everything you need for the school year right within Schoology. Resources will help you keep your materials organized and share them with your peers!

Beginning of Year Setup

K-6 Teachers Beginning of Year Setup in Schoology

7-12 Teachers Beginning of Year Setup in Schoology

K-12 Teachers Using Materials from Archived Courses and Resources

Best Practices / Tips / Testimonials

Additional Resources

Ed Tech Smart Start Self-Paced Modules for Students

Schoology Course and Group Clan-Up


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Help Desk Portal

Need help with Schoology?

Create a ticket using the MCS Help Desk system!