School Closure Resources

Distance Learning Resources for Teachers

Distance Learning Resources for Teachers

The District and the Modesto Teacher’s Association reached agreement in light of school closures to transition to an alternative learning plan and instructional delivery model to allow for social distancing as recommended by public health officials in order to prevent the spread of illness arising from the coronavirus. The goal is to continue delivering high-quality educational opportunities to students to the extent feasible through distance learning.  

Below are training resources for teachers to prepare for distance learning

Learn To Use Schoology

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Schoology is our Learning Management System (LMS) and a virtual learning environment for K-12 school and higher education institutions that allows users to create, manage, and share academic content. 

Step 1: New to Schoology? Watch This Quick Video to Learn How to Login

Join our Schoology group, Distance Learning Resources, to share and grab content for your class. This group is set-up to enable collaboration across all physical boundaries. Feel free to use what is there, as well as contribute to a crowd-sourced resource. GROUP JOIN CODE: MTKG-NW89-MD3G3. Watch the video to learn how.

Step 2: Join A Course to Learn More About Schoology

Watch this video to learn how to join a course. Successful completion of courses 102, 103, 104, and 105 will each count 1 hour towards the 0.5% PD initiative. Use the following Join Code to access all our summer PD resources: NMTM-8BRV-BTGBK

Schoology 101 | Introduction

Schoology 101 | Introduction to Schoology: In this course, you will get a tour of Schoology, learn how courses work, learn how to organize material, and create your first assignment. 

Schoology 102 | Assignments

Schoology 102 | Assignments: In this course, you will learn to set-up a Google assignment, create a discussion board, individually assign items, add other materials, and how to set student completion rules. 

Schoology 103 | Assessments

Schoology 103 | Assessments: in this course, you learn all about the different tools available to assess student understanding, including the use of the Lockdown browser and CAASPP-like question types.

Schoology 104 | Communication

Schoology 104 | Communication: In this course, you will learn how to send messages to your class, send course updates, and use the video conferencing features. 

Schoology 105 | External Tools

Schoology 105 | External Tools: In this course, you will learn to incorporate many external tools, including Nearpod, Kami, EdPuzzle and more. 

Join A Live Webinar

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We have worked hard to add webinar options to learn from a peer expert. All webinars are listed in the PD Catalog and can be found by using the search criteria “WEBINAR.”  A complete list of webinars available here, but the most up to date information can be found in the online catalog. More are being added every day! All webinars will be hosted using Microsoft Teams. If this is not installed on your machine after a restart, contact the HelpDesk. You can also access them through the web version of Teams. Webinar links will be sent to all those enrolled through PD Catalog about an hour prior to the training. 

Other Available Resources

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We know that there is no end to the number of resources available to teachers. We will work to collate a list of available training resources here to help. If there is a resource you need or would like to share, please email us at More resources can also be found in the DISTANCE LEARNING GROUP in Schoology (see Step 3 above).

Supported Video Conferencing Tools for Teachers and Students

Microsoft Teams for Staff: Meeting, Communicating, Collaborating, Video Conferencing tool for Teachers, Administration, Staff, and PD Webinars. Teams is not a tool to be used with Teacher and Student interactions.

Schoology Conferences: Video Conferencing and Instruction tool built right within your Schoology Course. This tool can be used for Teacher and Student instruction and interaction. 

Teachers Schoology Conferences Part 1: In this video tutorial, you will learn how to use Schoology Conferences and view both the Teacher and Student side of this tool with bonus tips and tricks at the end of the video. 

Teachers Schoology Conferences Part 2: In this video tutorial, you will learn how to record the Schoology Conference session with screencasting applications and share the video in your Schoology Course. 

Students Schoology Conferences: In this video students will learn how to use Schoology Conferences in their Schoology Courses.