Who has an EdPuzzle License?

K-6 has Free Version

Edpuzzle is 100% free for Teachers and students!

  • Free plan you can store up to 20 videos in your account

  • You can free up space by deleting content you're not using in your Edpuzzle account

  • For every teacher you refer to create their Edpuzzle Account you both will get space for 3 more video lessons you can create!

  • How to get more storage space

7-12 has Pro Version

Due to the high adoption and usage of Edpuzzle in 7-12 School Sites they now have a Pro license meaning that you have unlimited storage space for as many video lessons you would like to create. This is a 1-year license to continue to evaluate adoption and usage of the tool.

  • The Pro plan has been setup for teachers who already had an account with Edpuzzle from any of our 7-12 school sites.

  • How you know you are on the Pro plan: click your profile icon in the top right when are in Edpuzzle logged in and you will see "Pro School" listed

  • If you do not see "Pro School" listed just sign out and then sign back into Edpuzzle account and it should appear

  • Anyone without a teacher account yet should sign up using the MCS District's sign-up link here – The Pro membership will be applied as soon as you choose your MCS 7-12 school, and verify your email address in Outlook.

  • It's important that teachers sign up using their @monet.k12.ca.us emails.

What is Edpuzzle?

Put pedagogy before tech

Edpuzzle is a site that allows users to select a video and customize it by editing, cropping, recording audio and adding questions to make an engaging and interactive lesson. Students can watch the video at home, and teachers can access details such as when the student watched, areas a student skipped or had to rewind, and responses to the free-response and multiple-choice questions the teacher has embedded.

Edpuzzle integrates with Schoology and provides grade passback to the Schoology gradebook automatically!

When I review the analytics dashboard in Edpuzzle, I am looking for both how the class is doing as a whole (in the Questions tab), and how individual students are doing (in the Students tab). This gives me a sense of how to customize instruction before students even walk into the room, and I can determine who needs individualized attention and who might be able to lead a small-group discussion.

By Stacey Roshan  


How to Sign up and Log in to EdPuzzle

It's important that teachers sign up using their @monet.k12.ca.us emails.

Sign Up for K-6 School Site Teachers

First time users to create your Edpuzzle accounts

7-12 School Site Teachers use the instructions to sign-up at the top of this webpage.

Log In for K-12 School Site Teachers

If you already have signed up this will show you how to Log in to Edpuzzle with your account

EdPuzzle Originals are Standards Aligned by Subject Area!

Edpuzzle Originals are standards-aligned, customizable lessons created by experts that engage students, empower teachers, and make differentiation a breeze.

Links to standards-aligned lessons:

Check out this comprehensive guide about EdPuzzle Originals!

EdPuzzle Live Mode

Graphic about 7 ways to use EdPuzzle's Live Mode


Engaging students with video content


Getting 100% participation


Solve misconceptions before class


How to Use EdPuzzle and add it to Schoology

#1 Make an Edpuzzle Video Lesson

#2 How to Assign Edpuzzle in Schoology

#3 Student view of completing Edpuzzle in Schoology

#4 Grading Open-Ended Questions

#5 Review the Data Reports and Grade Passback

Student and Parent Guide to Edpuzzle in Schoology

Next Level: Student Created Edpuzzle Projects!

Making the Most of Distance Learning with Edpuzzle

Through Edpuzzle you can earn your Edpuzzle & Schoology Level 1 Certification

Learn everything you need to get started using Edpuzzle with your Schoology classes in this self-paced course. Manage your students, classrooms, grades and video lessons like a pro!

Get started!

Additional Edpuzzle Online Professional Development - Learn at your own pace and get officially certified by Edpuzzle!


Edpuzzle in Schoology Error: if anyone is getting an error, there may be some cases where teachers may need to:

  1. Visit edpuzzle.com, log in.

  2. Click the icon in the top-right corner, and select their Name to open up their Profile.

  3. Scroll down to "Connected Accounts"

  4. Disconnect Schoology.

  5. Then when they click "Edpuzzle" under Add Materials, they should be able to log in again and re-establish the connection. (sometimes they'll need to "refresh" the page)

They should ONLY do this if they're having any troubles getting into Edpuzzle from Schoology, receiving a "something went wrong" message, or a "invald-lti-launch-request-" type technical-looking message.

(For example, this may happen if the teachers already had an active connection with Schoology courses from last year that was set up before the merger of the K-8 with the 9-12 Schoology environments for this school year.)

Edpuzzle Action Needed

Teachers should only do this once their classes are done for the year. Disconnecting it while the course is still being used would disrupt access for students, at a time when they may want to be reviewing their old assignments!

Edpuzzle with Schoology we will need each teacher to manually delete the old consumer key that was setup in the past when we had two different Schoology portals for K-8 and 9-12, now we are combined into one unified K-12 Schoology Portal. With this change, a newer consumer key (connection with Edpuzzle with Schoology) was created. We will need you to delete the old consumer key from your Edpuzzle account to move forward with Edpuzzle Assignments in Schoology that will use the new consumer key. Thank you.

Reminder, please do not remove any connections before the semester is over!

There may be other keys (besides the jrs one that we mention in our video) that teachers see in their profile. Those can be disconnected too. No need to keep any of them connected except for the J%& one (and even if anyone messes up and deletes that one, no big deal! You will be prompted to sign in again in the beginning of 2021-22 School Year in August, and that will re-establish the connection properly!)

If you find that you do not have any consumer keys before or after these steps, next time you create an Edpuzzle Assignment in Schoology it will reconnect and add the newest consumer key back into your Edpuzzle account for integration with Schoology. Here is a video showing how that will work - view video.